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The 3DZ

A funny series in 3D - "Quirky Robots in 3 Stooges style skits"

About the Series

In an old, disused junk-yard, 3 quirky robots, R, G and B rise from the wasteland and get up to all sorts of mischief, as they attempt to make sense out of the many bits and pieces of junk that exist in their world around them.

The 3DZ is a unique series of 'skits' that demonstrates a '3 Stooges' like humour and wit, but with a 'Techno-twist'.

With humour, wit and mechanical cleverness, the 3DZ will amaze young children as they build things from seemingly useless objects. Children will learn the art of creating, designing and building their own crafts from everyday items through a fun series of interstitials.
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