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Pirates of Paradise

"Ahoy", A Sci-Fi space adventure series for kids

About the Series

Grab your pistol and your cutlass and climb aboard the mighty Space Schooner “Pride” as she prepares to set sail on the Pirates of Paradise maiden voyage.

Pirates of Paradise is a thrilling 26 episode children's action packed adventure with high production values.

The series is initially set in the dangerous and bewildering galaxies of outer space, whereby a fatal battle leads the captain, Horatio Cutlass, of the space galleon, The Pride to take refuge on the planet Reignbow Prime.

Reignbow Prime is a world governed by children, but has recently come under threat from the powerful and cruel Major Leary, who threatens the lives and entire existence of the planet's young inhabitants, as he endeavours to rule the planet himself.

Following the arrival of The Pride on Reignbow Prime, the crew of the The Pride are captured by the corrupt Major Leary, leaving the rescue of The Pride's crew up to the already threatened child inhabitants of Reignbow Prime. The “Pirates of Paradise” is a title given to the selection of brave yet capable children who, in their fight to save the crew of the battleship, The Pride, find themselves exposed and under severe threat of extinction from the evil Major Leary.

Pirates of Paradise is a thrilling adventure with spectacular visuals and a strong creative team that promise to produce a high end production using cutting edge special effects.
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