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Roly and Blue

A children's 3D animated series under Light Knights' co-production company, Dreamcloud

About the Series

Roly in the Country with Blue is a 3D animation series about a lovable and vulnerable polar bear cub, Roly, and his best friend, a sassy snail, Blue. These two adorable characters meet in the mysterious Enchanted Forest, where they embark upon a journey of discovery.

This voyage is as much a journey of self-discovery for these two witty characters as it is an adventure into the charming and undiscovered world of the Enchanted Forest. Created with a cast of quirky, lovable and inquisitive characters, the adventures of Roly and Blue are never dull. The creative aspiration for this series is to challenge, stimulate, entertain and inform the pre-school mind through simple but relevant story lines. The core creative aspiration of Roly in the Country with Blue is to produce a series with passion, conviction and integrity, forever mindful of the world a pre school child inhabits.

This series is to be produced by Dreamcloud Pty Ltd which is a partnership between Light Knights and Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment.


  • View Video Roly and Blue - Broadcast Trailer.
    26 x 24min Television Series in 16:9 format
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